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FAQ Escort Lady/ Model Casting

Here you find a collection of the most common questions which are asked by candidates.


What can a model earn at Mia Escort?

This question can not be answered on a general basis because it depends on many different factors, such as your flexibility and availability.

Of course, other aspects are crucial, such as your personal appeal, your character and your service. But even if you have only a few dates per month, you can make a high income very quickly.

How much of my fee do I have to pay?

We will give you the exate rate after you filled out the application.

Am I employed as an Escort model at Mia Escort?

The answer is clearly no !. You are not employed by us, but perform as an independent escort model. We take over the whole marketing, planning and organization of dates. We take care of the transport, your security, your anonymity towards the customers and the important thing customer acquisition.

How many days per month do I have to work as an escort?

You can freely decide when and how many orders / dates you want to do per month.

The more often and more quickly you can accept dates, the higher your earnings will be. However, there is no minimum number you need to take.

Can I stop the cooperation at any time?

Clearly yes. You choose alone if you do not want to work as an escort model anymore. Of course, you can also take a break for a few months and then come back to work with us.

I have never worked as an escort model and jsut would like to test if I like it, is that possible?

Beginners are very welcome. For every lady it was once her "first escort date". Of course you will be nervous before the first date, this is quite natural.

However, we will help you before your first meeting, give valuable tips and prepare you for the date as best as possible. In addition, if possible, we will find a regular customer who is particularly nice and charming. You can go without obligation to one or two dates and then decide whether the job as an escort model is something for you or not.

What men do I meet?

Our customers are ambitious and usually very well-off businessmen. You will meet various successful personalities from business, politics, athletes and celebrities. These men are mostly very committed in their private and professional life. They appreciate the breake from their daily life and spend a few hours in company of a beautiful lady.

Can I also refuse a customer?

We take over the selection of the customers and suggest you only serious and nice customers. If the chemistry between you and the customer is not right, you can cancel the date in the first 10 minutes. You can decide this and we will respect your decision.

The customer also has the same right and can cancel the date in the first 10 minutes free of charge.


Does the customer see uncensored photos of me, what information does the customer receive about me?

Only censored photos of you are displayed on the website. If the customer wants to see your face in the photos, we will contact you. You decide if he’s allowed to see it or not.

The customer does not get any information about your person that leads to your true identity. Just as for you, discretion and secrecy are also extremely important to the customer.

Where do the dates take place?

The dates take place in fine restaurants, luxury hotels, customers office or at customers home.

How do I get to the dates?

At short dates in German-speaking Switzerland you will be driven by one of our drivers to the hotels. At Dates abroad you travel by plane. Costs for flight tickets and hotel are paid by the customer.

I just want to go on dates in Switzerland, is that ok?

You are free to which places you want to travel. If you do not want to travel abroad, this is no problem for us.

Your questions wasn’t answered here?

Send us an email to contact (at) or go to the general form.

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